Sources of dissolved ammonia and iron in Borovnica alluvial fan groundwater


  • Janko Urbanc
  • Janez Škarja
  • Jasmina Kožar Logar
  • Sonja Lojen



The article deals with chemical and isotopic properties of Borovnica alluvial fan groundwater. Increased concentrations of ammonium and iron were detected in well VB-3 of the Borovnica alluvial fan pumping Station. On the basis of analyses it was found out that increased concentrations of both elements are linked to the hydrogeological conditions in the aquifer area. In the upper part of the Borovnica alluvial fan aquifer, layers of clay prevent the access of oxygen to groundwater. This fact, together with the presence of organic matter in the aquifer, creates reduction conditions causing the mobility of iron and manganese in groundwater and the transformation of nitrogen from nitrate into ammonium form. Water from the lower aquifer contains more dissolved oxygen, and on the basis of tritium presence it can be concluded that the water is old up to 50 years. Wells VB-5 and VB-6 capture water from the lower pleistocene aquifer, while well VB-3 recharges also with water from the upper holocene aquifer.


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Urbanc, J., Škarja, J., Kožar Logar, J., & Lojen, S. (2014). Sources of dissolved ammonia and iron in Borovnica alluvial fan groundwater. Geologija, 57(1), 53–62.




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