Review of emerging organic pollutants in groundwater in Slovenia


  • Anja Koroša
  • Nina Mali



Emerging organic compounds EOC are substances which have been only recently determined as pollutants, and substances which have been newly developed or discovered in the environment. EOC in groundwater can cause adverse effects on the environment and human health. They enter into the natural environment as a result of various anthropogenic activities. The article provides an overview of emerging organic pollutants that occur in groundwater. These compounds are drug residues, substances originating from personal care products, pesticides, veterinary products, food additives, nanomaterials, industrial and other compounds found in wastewater. The article describes the main sources and the presence of EOC in groundwater, pathways and potential impacts (risks). An overview of EOC detection research in the world is presented. Within the review of Slovenian studies the investigations dealing with the determination of wide spectrum of EOC presence in groundwater, with drug residues in groundwater and waste water, or with the development of analytical methods for these substances were analyzed. From the entire analysis we inferred that we must be aware of the possible presence of EOC risk in groundwater even in small concentrations. To reduce the yet extent unknown risks, it is necessary to determine EOC threshold values in groundwater and their impact. In the future it will be necessary to identify new pollutants, to develop new analytical methods to determine their sources and routes, and in particular, to establish monitoring for these substances.


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Koroša, A., & Mali, N. (2012). Review of emerging organic pollutants in groundwater in Slovenia. Geologija, 55(2), 243–262.




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