Analysis of thermal water utilization in the northeastern Slovenia


  • Nina Rman
  • Andrej Lapanje
  • Dušan Rajver



The presented research aims at identification of thermal water users in NE Slovenia, at finding type and amount of the produced thermal water as well as its utilization practice. The energetic overview has been upgraded by a description of current observational monitoring practice and thermal waste water management, but technological problems of thermal water use and their mitigation are discussed also. We have ascertained that 14 of 26 active geothermal wells tap the Mura Formation aquifer in which the only reinjection well is perforated also. Total thermal water abstraction summed to 3.29 million m3 in 2011. Cascade use of thermal water is abundant, where individual space and sanitary water heating is followed by heating of spa infrastructure and balneology. Greenhouse heating systems and district heating were also identified. Operational monitoring of these geothermal wells is generally insufficient, and geothermal aquifers are overexploited due to decades of historical water abstraction. All these facts indicate the need for applying appropriate measures which will improve their natural conditions as well as simultaneously enable further and even higher thermal water utilization in the future.


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Rman, N., Lapanje, A., & Rajver, D. (2012). Analysis of thermal water utilization in the northeastern Slovenia. Geologija, 55(2), 225–242.




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