Hydrochemical and isotope groundwater investigations in Sorško polje


  • Janko Urbanc
  • Brigita Jamnik




From the hydrogeological point of view Sorško polje area is a sink, filled with conglomerate, sand and gravel, where large quantities of groundwater are accumulated. Sorško polje aquifer is one of the richest regions of groundwater and represents an important reserve water source for the central part of Slovenia. The performed hydrochemical and isotope investigations present an independent completion of the previous hydrogeological investigation of Sorško polje. The results of research give more reliable information about the water origin, as well as about the influence of the local precipitation and Sava river water on the dynamics of the groundwater restoration in the aquifer. The research defines the characteristics of oxygen isotope composition of groundwater in the Sorško polje aquifer and determines the volume share of aquifer recharge from the Sava river and from local precipitation.


How to Cite

Urbanc, J., & Jamnik, B. (2008). Hydrochemical and isotope groundwater investigations in Sorško polje. Geologija, 51(1), 71–76. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2008.008




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