Arsenic in the environment: enrichments in the Slovenian soils


  • Mateja Gosar
  • Robert Šajn



Arsenic, a toxic element with metalloid properties, is found in detectable concentrations in environmental samples. In nature it is enriched in metal (sulphide) ore deposits, mainly as arsenides of Cu, Ni and Fe. Arsenic compounds are used mainly in agriculture and forestry as pesticides and herbicides. The ecosystem can be contaminated with arsenic via both natural and anthropogenic sources. Uses of arsenic contaminated water present so far the greatest health hazard. Occurrences of mining related arsenic problems have also been recorded in many parts of the world. The impact of mining and metallurgic industry with regard to arsenic contents in soils in some potentially contaminated areas in Slovenia is discussed. Enriched contents of arsenic were found in Mežica. Arsenic correlates very well with lead, zinc and other heavy metals which are enriched as a result of long lasting lead production in the area. Also in Celje and Jesenice arsenic has the same distribution pattern as other anthropogenically introduced pollutants. In Idrija there are some slightly arsenic enriched areas, but there is no correlation with mercury, so the origin of arsenic in not clear yet.


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Gosar, M., & Šajn, R. (2005). Arsenic in the environment: enrichments in the Slovenian soils . Geologija, 48(2), 253–262.




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