Borehole MET-1/04 near Metlika, between the External and Internal Dinarides (SE Slovenia)


  • Marijan Poljak
  • Andrej Lapanje
  • Ivan Gušić
  • Bernarda Bole
  • Bojan Ogorelec



In the year 2004, a deep borehole MET/04 east of Metlika in Bela Krajina was drilled. It reached the depth of 841 meters. The aim of drilling was to catch thermal water that would be used for touristical purposes. The area where the borehole is located belongs to the transitional zone of the External to the Internal Dinarides. The first ones are characterized mainly by shallow water carbonate rocks of Mesozoic age, while the other ones are composed mainly of deep water clastic rocks also of Mesozoic age. Structurally, this zone consists of a series of the Dinaric, NW-SE oriented, thrusts along which the Internal Dinarides are thrusted over the External ones. The bore hole itself is located in the flysch sequence of Upper Cretaceous age that is deposed transgressivelly onto the Upper Jurassic limestone. The flysch, that is composed of conglomerate, breccia, calcarenite and marl, is drilled to 182,5 m of depth. Further, to the 275 of depth, there follow Lower Cretaceous limestones, that belong either to large olistolitic blocks in the base of the flysch series or to a tectonic block of the imbricated structure. To the bottom of the borehole, there follow mainly reef and perireefal limestones of Upper Jurassic age. The upper part of these is determined to be of Upper Malmian age, since the lower part could belong to Lower Malmian. In the borehole, two water bearing zones were determined. The first one is in the interval from 92,5 to 184, and the second one in the interval from 220 to 355 meters at the depth.


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Poljak, M., Lapanje, A., Gušić, I., Bole, B., & Ogorelec, B. (2005). Borehole MET-1/04 near Metlika, between the External and Internal Dinarides (SE Slovenia) . Geologija, 48(1), 53–72.




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