A new Slovenian digital cartographic standard for geologic map symbolization


  • Miloš Bavec
  • Marko Komac


Almost four decades have passed since the last “new” graphic standard has been issued by the former Federal Geological Survey of Yugoslavia (1964). Although it was prepared for the project of Basic Geologic Map at the scale of 1:100.000, its use surpassed the primal purpose, and it became broadly used in various graphic representations of geologic Information. Through years, however, the standard outdated and have therefore been sporadically upgraded. Constant changes gradually made it unsystematic and inconsistent. An effort was made a couple of years ago to revise it again, and to convert it into digital form but the result provided another conclusive evidence that a total revision of the original is needed. A new digital cartographic standard for geologic map symbolisation is therefore being prepared in Slovenia. The project is run by a team formed at the Geological Survey of Slovenia in close co-operation with contributors from other geologic institutions in Slovenia. The aim of the project is to prepare a consistent and comprehensive set of graphic symbols and rules of representation that would cover the needs of the geologic maps production in scales between 1:10.000 and 1:100.000. The focus of standard’s applicability is, however, the new Geologic Map of Slovenia in scale 1:50.000.


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Bavec, M., & Komac, M. (2003). A new Slovenian digital cartographic standard for geologic map symbolization . Geologija, 46(2), 339–342. Retrieved from https://www.geologija-revija.si/index.php/geologija/article/view/1707




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