Possibilities for electricity production from geothermal energy in the next decade


  • Dušan Rajver
  • Andrej Lapanje
  • Nina Rman




This article is intended to raise awareness of the public, with the aim that anyone can judge reality and accuracy of records that appear in the media on the exploitation of geothermal energy. It provides a comprehensive overview of geothermal systems, potential of hydrothermal and enhanced geothermal systems, of mechanisms and characteristics of middle and high enthalpy geothermal resources. It also deals with a mode of their conversion into electricity. Featured are the main factors affecting the decision on effectiveness of conversion of geothermal energy into electricity. Given are the review of the research necessary to establish the geothermal potential and assessment of technological and economic possibilities of installing geothermal power plants in Slovenia. The paper also describes the state of knowledge of middle- and high temperature geothermal resources in Slovenia with initial conditions for constructing geothermal power plants. In addition, we present theoretical calculations of the conversion efficiency of geothermal energy into electricity with conventional turbines and present some problems for the exploitation of geothermal energy, which are associated with additional costs and further reduce the efficiency of investment. Described are the characteristics and performance of binary geothermal power plants and foreign experience in obtaining electricity from the EGS (Enhanced Geothermal System). We also address the overlapping of the oil and gas industry with the operation of the EGS and the possibility of exploiting oil and gas wells for producing the geothermal electricity.


How to Cite

Rajver, D., Lapanje, A., & Rman, N. (2012). Possibilities for electricity production from geothermal energy in the next decade. Geologija, 55(1), 117–140. https://doi.org/10.5474/geologija.2012.009




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