Knjiga 46/2 - 2003 / Volume 46/2 - 2003
Mlakar, I.
On the problems of Ba, Pb, Zn Pleše ore deposit (Slovenia)
2003. Geologija 46/2, 185-224

Jelaska, V., Kolar Jurkovšek, T., Jurkovšek, B., Gušić, I.
Triassic beds in the basement of the Adriatic-Dinaric carbonate platform of Mt. Svilaja (Croatia)
2003. Geologija 46/2, 225-230

Pavlovec, R.
Nummulitins from flysch in surroundings of Ilirska Bistrica, southwest Slovenia
2003. Geologija 46/2, 231-244

Mikuž, V., Pavšič, J.
The "Carniolan crab" from Middle Miocene-Badenian beds in the Lipovica quarry above Briše, Slovenia
2003. Geologija 46/2, 245-250

Horvat, A.
Upper Badenian diatom paleoecology of the western part of Central Paratethys
2003. Geologija 46/2, 251-262

Kotnik, J., Horvat, M., Milačič, R., Ščančar, J., Fajon, V., Križanovski, A.
Heavy metals in the sediment of Sava River, Slovenia
2003. Geologija 46/2, 263-272

Šajn, R., Gosar, M.
Differences in determination of chemical elements in soil and attic dust samples due to various acid treatments
2003. Geologija 46/2, 273-280

Brenčič, M.
Hydrogeological conditions in the Kroparica recharge area, Jelovica, Slovenia
2003. Geologija 46/2, 281-306

Dolinar, B., Trauner, L.
Mechanical properties of cohesive soils in dependence on the water quantity and mineralogical composition
2003. Geologija 46/2, 307-312

Strgar, I.
Geological investigations of the sites of lithothamnian limestone in the area between Brezno and Savinja
2003. Geologija 46/2, 313-328

Asch, K.
Digital map databases: No more hiding places for inconsistent geologists!
2003. Geologija 46/2, 329-323

Bäk, R., Heinrich, M., Letouzé Zezula, G.
GIS-based assessment of aggregates in Carinthia (Austria)
2003. Geologija 46/2, 333-338

Bavec, M., Komac, M.
A new Slovenian digital cartographic standard for geologic map symbolization
2003. Geologija 46/2, 339-342

Brodaric, B., Journeay, M., Talwar, S., Harrap, R., van Ulden, J., Grant, R., Denny, S.
The Architecture of the Georgia Basin Digital Library: using geoscientific knowledge in sustainable development
2003. Geologija 46/2, 343-348

Hafner, J.
Feature Map Classifier – a possible approach to morphological / geological evaluation of terrain
2003. Geologija 46/2, 349-360

Jackson, I.
Why geologists don't listen and the public can't read geological maps
2003. Geologija 46/2, 361-366

Komac, M.
Geohazard map of the central Slovenia – the mathematical approach to landslide prediction
2003. Geologija 46/2, 367-372

Maurer, U., Balzer, D.
GIS-Based sensitivity analysis in site selection procedures for the disposal of hazardous wastes
2003. Geologija 46/2, 373-378

Ordóñez Galán, C., Taboada Castro, J., Martínez Alegría López, R.
Developing a suitability model for potential vegetation distribution based on GIS
2003. Geologija 46/2, 385-390

Oštir, K., Veljanovski, T., Podobnikar, T., Stančič, Z.
Application of remote sensing and GIS in Mt. Mangart landslide observation
2003. Geologija 46/2, 385-390

Janža, M.
Extracting NDVI temporal profiles of vegetation types in the Rižana spring catchment area from NOAA-AVHRR data using linear mixture model
2003. Geologija 46/2, 391-396

Ribičič, M., Šinigoj, J., Komac, M.
New general engineering geological map of Slovenia
2003. Geologija 46/2, 397-404

Ribičič, M.
Geotechnical and seismic microzonation map of the Bovec region
2003. Geologija 46/2, 405-412

Ribičič, M.
Calculation of the moving landslide masses volume from air images
2003. Geologija 46/2, 413-418

Ribičič, M.
Landslide mapping with the GIS
2003. Geologija 46/2, 419-424

Smith, N., Keppel, F., Holloway, S.
GESTCO GIS and DSS – A GIS solution to assist with decision making for the geological storage of CO2 from fossil fuel combustion
2003. Geologija 46/2, 425-428

Tchistiakov, A., Ganzeveld, A. T., Keppel, J. F.
SMART oilfield GIS: Application of GIS for economic and environmental monitoring of oil and gas fields
2003. Geologija 46/2, 429-434

Wakita, K., Kato, H., Bandibas, J.
GeoHazardView: Interactive presentation of geological hazard maps
2003. Geologija 46/2, 435-438

Rikanovič, R., Brenčič, M.
Comparison of the CORINE Land Cover data and Agricultural Land Use Monitoring Data as a basis for groundwater vulnerability mapping in the Peca border region
2003. Geologija 46/2, 439-444

Rajver, D., Ravnik, D.
New Atlas of Geothermal Resources in Europe
2003. Geologija 46/2, 445-450

Jelen, B.
Reporting or argumentation: is there more to it than a linguistic problem?
2003. Geologija 46/2, 451-458

Aničić, B., Ogorelec, B., Kralj, P., Mišič, M.

2003. Geologija 46/2, 459-460